The Under Heaven Martial Arts (UHMA) Foundation is a Kung Fu school in Leidsche Rijn Utrecht that specializes in Self Defense and Kung Fu. 'Macho attitudes' are not accepted in the training hall and your opinions on sex, race, creed, religious beliefs or sexual orientation are left at home. You will train safely, follow all instructions given by the trainer, be attuned to the needs of your training partner and practice with your partners in a conscientious manner.

We train every Tuesday from 2000 hrs to 2200 hrs (there is no training during public holidays or school vacations) at the Gym Parkwijk, Verlengde Houtrakgracht 598, 3544EA Utrecht in the Netherlands. The training is open to those 16 years (requiring consent from the trainer and their parents) and older. There is free parking next to the gym. The GVU Stadsbus 28 and GVU Stadsbus 26 stops are within walking distance to the gym. It is about 20 minute bike ride from Utrecht CS. All lessons are in Dutch and English.

During your introductory training a simple (black) T-shirt and (black) jogging pants or shorts will do. We do not train 'bare footed', so bring some indoor gym shoes that will not damage the gym floor. Do not forget to bring a bottle of water, a towel and an extra T-shirt. When you sign up to train at UHMA, you are expected to purchase the standard training equipment, consisting of kung fu pants, an UHMA T-shirt, mouth piece, protective cup and training shoes (kung fu, boxing/wrestling or indoor gym shoes).

The following monthly training fees apply (one evening per week for two hours of training). If you are a student (16 to 30 years), you pay € 20 a month. Adults (31 years and older) pay € 25 a month. SportU and Upas holders are welcome. Special Group Rates are also available. Ask the trainer for more information.

Donations and training fees are payable to:

  • UHMA Stichting in Utrecht
  • NL95RABO0159357608

The Under Heaven Martial Arts (UHMA) Foundation is registered with the Utrecht Chamber of Commerce under No. 51311674. UHMA is a member of the Nederlands Federatie van Krijgskunsten (NFK) click here for more info.


Email or call 06-27092411 for more information.